Interactive sculpture, collaborative events, cross media pollination

Night Multimedia Art is a collaborative group established to promote cross pollination of the arts and sciences. The collaborations have been public art installations in New York. The work links nature, up-cycled consumer waste, and the potential for play and education.


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Lower Manhattan Cultural Council / NYC - 2019

NYSCA through Arts Westchester / Yonkers, NY - 2019

Nowodworski Foundation / Yonkers, NY - 2019

ChaShaMa / NYC & Pine Plains, NY - 2017

Accord Power / NYC - 2017 

National Endowment for the Arts through Figment / NYC - 2014-2018

Materials for the Arts / NYC - 2014-2019


Kathy Creutzburg builds large durable sculptures, exploring the themes of pathways and rivers. She draws on her experiences as a teaching artist to create interactive work, inviting play and exploration.


Natalia Lesniak creates modern shape installations informed by nature and brought to life by light.


Mirabai Kwan Yin makes textile-centric, up-cycled work inspired by biology and ecology.


Nicole Celeste Anderson creates lyrical writing, song, 2D and 3D art, utilizing all mediums to connect humanity.

Past Collaborators

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