Interactive sculpture, collaborative events, cross media pollination

Night Multimedia Art is a collaborative group established to promote cross pollination of the arts and sciences. The collaborations have been public art installations in New York. The work links nature, up-cycled consumer waste, and the potential for play and education.



Lower Manhattan Cultural Council / NYC - 2019

NYSCA through Arts Westchester / Yonkers, NY - 2019

Nowodworski Foundation / Yonkers, NY - 2019

ChaShaMa / NYC & Pine Plains, NY - 2017

Accord Power / NYC - 2017 

National Endowment for the Arts through Figment / NYC - 2014-2018

Materials for the Arts / NYC - 2014-2019


Kathy Creutzburg builds large durable sculptures, exploring the themes of pathways and rivers. She draws on her experiences as a teaching artist to create interactive work, inviting play and exploration.


Natalia Lesniak creates modern shape installations informed by nature and brought to life by light.


Mirabai Kwan Yin makes textile-centric, up-cycled work inspired by biology and ecology.


Nicole Celeste Anderson creates lyrical writing, song, 2D and 3D art, utilizing all mediums to connect humanity.

Past Collaborators

Acacia Rodriguez

Anastasia Ugorskaya

Dove Drury Hornbuckle

Ian Schwartz

Irina Fialko

Jonah Michea Judy

Kathleen Granados

Michel Gignac

Peter Hoffmeister

Shaina Craft

Shoko Tamai

Ana Urbach

Benjamin Hicock

Guyang Chen

Jenna Hicock

Jenny X Chan

Maria Tsaguriya

Ric Becker

Susanne Korte

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